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The change to having players and coaches on the sideline for the anthem was made in 2009.


“It would certainly have to be considered very strongly,” said an official with an NFL franchise who is familiar with the thinking of that team’s owner on the matter.

The current league policy says that players must be on the sideline for the anthem. It suggests but does not require that players stand for the anthem.

And here’s why you should really appreciate the forthcoming triumph: The Patriots’ core won’t ever be the same again. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is all set to coach the Colts, while defensive coordinator Matt Patricia’s in line to take over the Lions. (Both are great hires.) Brady, while still playing at an MVP level, is 40 years old. I’m not sure when the drop-off will come — many a talking head have ended up looking stupid trying to play that game — but it is indeed coming. “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” was a work of fiction, after all.

It’s natural for many of you to root against this kind of annual superiority. But admit to yourself that the venom is rooted in pure jealously. And after you do that, take the time to respect — and soak in — the greatness we’re all witnessing here. You’re actually going to miss this whenever it ends. So embrace it. Appreciate it.

Military uniforms are the vestments of these priests of freedom. Watch carefully on Thanksgiving Day: Every opening ceremony and commercial break and NFL halftime show will feature iconic clips of military personnel either at the game or in the field; they will be held up as our way of saying “thank you.” To them we owe our warm homes and overflowing tables and all of the consumer goods we’ll pursue with abandon on Black Friday.

But this year, as protests by players continue, the pigskin spectacle will be particularly fraught. Those who don’t worship in just the right way will be scorned, probably by the president himself.

This was the first time Lillard and Allen have spoken in such a capacity, however. The meeting, which sources described as a productive, open forum to share opinions and express concerns, could also lead to more sit-downs in the future.

During the gathering, Allen also sought answers.jaguars_084

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