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The Packers were heavy favorites in Super Bowl XXXII over John Elway and the Broncos.


Green Bay won seven games against playoff teams, and quarterback Brett Favre had won his third consecutive NFL MVP award. But Elway finally got his first Super Bowl win, beating the Packers in a 31-24 thriller.

NFL MVP Shaun Alexander broke the single-season touchdown record, Matt Hasselbeck led the NFC in passer rating and the defense led the league with 50 sacks. They still lost 21-10 to the wild-card Steelers in Super Bowl XL, which featured multiple controversial calls against Seattle.

“Great solidarity for our National Anthem and for our Country,” Trump tweeted on Sunday. “Standing with locked arms is good, kneeling is not acceptable. Bad ratings!”

However, some players are concerned that their statements of concern about police brutality and social injustice are becoming muddled. Michael Bennett, who has continued to kneel during the anthem, and Seattle Seahawks teammate Doug Baldwin reminded CNN viewers Wednesday night of the message begun by Kaepernick, one they said was not aimed at the military.

Now they’re doing all the little things, and Pearl sees a team that has bought in, a team that trusts and respects one another.

“You don’t mind sharing the ball,” he said. “You don’t mind sharing minutes. You don’t mind taking a little less to get a little more.”

Hearing Pearl gush about this team — and make no mistake, he’s gushing when he talks about players such as forward Desean Murray, who he says exemplifies the team’s selfless identity — paints a rosy picture of basketball on The Plains.

Like those late-’90s teams, the late-’80s Vikings are an overlooked bunch. Perhaps they’re way less remembered, too, given the time elapsed and the way our memories have been shortened by the salary-cap era. Under Jerry Burns, Minnesota went to the NFC title game in 1987, coming a dropped pass away from the organization’s fifth Super Bowl berth. They would put together stellar ’88 and ’89 seasons, only to fall to the champion 49ers in both years.