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Drunk Eagles fan accused of punching cop’s horse


A drunken Eagles fan is accused of punching a mounted Philadelphia police officer’s horse before Saturday’s Falcons-Eagles game, Philly.com reported Tuesday.

The fan — Taylor Hendricks, 22, of Lehigh County, north of Philadelphia — is due in court later this month, facing a variety of charges stemming from his alleged assault on the animal.

In other words, we know which team avaricious brokers will be rooting for Sunday in Philadelphia.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin went through with the ceremony of a season-ending press conference Tuesday, an exercise almost no one involved expected would occur so soon. He hadn’t much to say, save for some rose petals tossed toward the path of retiring assistant coach Richard Mann.

It might have been a function of timing, but no one present asked Tomlin about the Pro Football Talk report that some of the franchise’s limited partners were planning to press team president Art Rooney II to remove him as coach. His handling of that question might have been worth the 22 minutes invested in listening to Tomlin speak on this day.

I kind of reference it to a pitcher, Bortles said. You don’t have a fastball. You don’t have a curveball. You’ve got to find another pitch to land to be successful and get guys out.

That’s kind of the same thing at quarterback. Whatever the situation is, if you’re not able to do your number one option, turn to Option B to help this offense move the ball and put up points.

Bortles had never rushed for as many yards nor logged as many carries in his previous 62 career starts.

Oh man, Blake was incredible, Jaguars defensive end Calais Cambell said of the scrambling. Usually, I like my quarterback to slide and not get hit. But in the playoffs, he went there and made some big-time plays picking up first downs time and time again.

I take my hat off to him. I was very impressed.

Devonta Freemanpatriots_108_25db31ebc13a21a7-180x180 and Tevin Coleman must have a big game to help the Falcons control the ball and clock, limiting the opportunities for the Rams’ explosive, quick-strike offense. Look for Wade Phillips to scheme to stop the run first, turning this into a passing duel between Ryan and Jared Goff.

He had no desire to make an outlandish purchase after he was drafted, because there was nothing he wanted. “I got my signing bonus and I put that s— in the bank and I went and got some motherf—ing wings,” he says. That is Kamara.

Jaguars LB Myles Jack flashed the footwork of a wide receiver on this Ben Roethlisberger interception


The first was a badly underthrown ball that looked like it’d be an easy catch for Philadelphia cornerback Jalen Mills, but Jones came to the rescue.

The second was an even more egregiously bad decision by Ryan that again went straight to Mills before it was knocked down by Jones.

Sure, Henry may have had the foresight to not score, but it was worth taking the chance — they had nothing to lose. Also, let’s not forget we’re talking about a player who has not once but twice scored unnecessary touchdowns this season when his team could have simply kneeled the clock away if he’d gone down after a first down.

For the first time ever,* Reid bungled a clock management situation — who would’ve thunk?

2%: The “team out of control” narrative. The Mike Evans cheap shot on Marshon Lattimore was trash, and he had a couple of sideline meltdowns but not anything that doesn’t happen every 12 minutes in Seattle. Winston charging onto the field in protest last week was not a great look, just like it’s not a great look when, oh, Philip Rivers or Tom Brady do something similar.

My only real “sideline antics” concern with this team was an injured Winston picked a fight in that Saints game. (I don’t want my quarterback, while not wearing a helmet, getting into it with a guy who is wearing a helmet. Your skull is prone to getting caved in, and if you throw a punch with your dominant hand you’re at risk of breaking a bunch of little, tiny bones. It’s no-win.)

If nothing else, understand this part: At every crossroad Thielen kept betting on himself, whether he was spurning postgrad job offers (coaching on MSU’s staff, interning at that dental outfit) or paying $275 out of pocket for a regional combine in Chicago, where he turned heads with a 4.45 40. “I don’t think anybody besides Adam saw this all happening,” says Aaron Keen, Thielen’s offensive coordinator at MSU. “He had a vision for what he wanted.”

The ancient Greeks may not have invented the concept of hero, but they get credit for naming it and giving it a face, not to mention a massive, strapping body. The Greek word heros referred to a protector or defender. Their embodiment of the concept was Heracles, the muscular demigod who would have been an NFL combine star had compression shorts and box jumps existed when he was busy cleaning out the Augean stables. A life-sized marble statue of Heracles at Los Angeles’s Getty Museum, dating to about 125 A.D. but inspired by 300 B.C. art, depicts the original hero as a ripped 6′?4″.patriots_092_489e2daefc041af3-180x180

Antonio Brown reportedly a ‘game-time decision,’ although Steelers coach Mike Tomlin says he’ll play


Antonio Brown hasn’t been on the field since he suffered a calf injury in Week 15, but the hope for the Pittsburgh Steelers was that the wide receiver would be back in time for the postseason.

If Brown’s chances of playing really are in jeopardy, it could make sense for Tomlin to keep that under wraps and force the Jaguars to prepare for a player who may not play.

Crazy how, after going undrafted, he had a rookie minicamp with the Vikings, and one more planned after that, with the Panthers—and if he didn’t stick with one of those teams he was gonna call it quits. Crazy how last spring he signed a four-year, $19.2 million contract extension, which is how he got this spacious new home with the basketball court and movie theater. Crazy.

“I saw a lot of people there who told me they lost their homes, lost everything they had,” he says. “I felt bad. But in the middle of all that disaster we were able to still see smiles on their faces. I said to myself, These people are going through a really tough time, and they’re still able to smile. And you’re able to give them hope. That’s what it’s all about: helping each other.

“The city of Houston has treated me really good since I got to the big leagues. And I felt that I owed them something. They made me the player I am by supporting me every day. So when they were having a hard time, I wanted to give something back to them.”

From that day forward, Altuve and the Astros were almost unbeatable at Minute Maid Park, where they went 18–3 after Harvey, including 8–1 in the playoffs. No team in any postseason ever won more games or hit more home runs (18) at home than the Astros. Nobody ever had more hits (17) or home runs (six) at home in one postseason than Altuve, who batted .472 at Minute Maid.

Not only did McVay change the culture in Los Angeles, the Rams also made effective roster changes. They are a young team and Goff, just in his second season, hooked up with rookie receiver Cooper Kupp for a second-quarter touchdown pass.

Former Bills receivers Robert Woods and Sammy Watkins have found a home in Los Angeles. Woods, who is only 25, was electric on Saturday with nine catches for 142 yards. Second-year tight end Tyler Higbee has a high ceiling as does second-year defensive end Morgan Fox, who spelled Michael Brockers after Brockers left with a knee injury.

This year may not have been the year for the Rams to win a second championship, but they’re not going anywhere and will be an NFC contender for the foreseeable future.

ESPN noted that Shurmur is one of the most in-demand head-coaching candidates and could be even more appealing to a quarterback-needy team given his close working relationship with Keenum.patriots_050_432816d500d73104-180x180

Keep up on what every team has done to date this off-season


Those calls can take on a ridiculous air when they’re coming from a team you’ve already been on. After I got picked back up by the Rangers, I just laughed, Rollins says. They were like, ‘Welcome back,’ and I was like, ‘I appreciate it.’ When the Cubs picked me up [the second time] and called me, they said the same thing. I was like, ‘It’s good to talk to you again.’

Close to home Public health nurse Crane sees addiction and overdose at work every day.She’s still waiting for the Nationals to call about her spot with the Racing Presidents.Story remains a race with Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop Seager and St.Pass by Gudbranson intercepted by Ribeiro neutral zone.Still, he wasn’t disappointed with his team’s effort, nor should he be as the Hawks controlled the pace for much of the game and put 30 shots on goal the first two periods.Louis High School to join the Broncos 2013 and wasted no time seeing the field, forgoing the traditional red shirt his freshman .

A year of activism in the NBA reached a crescendo in September, when the president repeatedly attacked professional athletes. First, he insulted NFL players who kneeled during the National Anthem. Then, he retracted the Warriors’ White House visit after multiple players, including Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, expressed reservations about attending.

James’ layered commentary went on from there, touching on the president’s need to lead, to be a role model, and to be a source of encouragement and inspiration, while also wondering aloud whether voters were properly educated before casting their ballots. He praised Colin Kaepernick’s willingness to sacrifice his career, and he encouraged other athletes to take a stand however they see fit. “For me personally, my voice is more important than my knee,” he said.

In a year filled with unsettling political developments, caustic dialogue, hate-fueled confrontations, and countless protests and counter-protests, James emerged as a voice of reason.

Right before halftime in that Washington game Thielen lunged full-extension to snare a seven-yard TD from Keenum, just out of cornerback Josh Norman’s reach. Then he crouched down on all fours, motioning the offense to join him in a queue. Diggs went first, hopping over the linemen, lilypad to lilypad, followed by Thielen. At the end they jumped and hugged—just two guys letting loose their inner frogs.

Maybin, a former All-American at Penn State and first-round pick in 2009, posted a video to his Twitter account on Wednesday of a conversation he had with his students:patriots_003_0a18f6101cdee080-180x180

That’s where so many seem divided on the issue.


When played correctly, football can be a violent but beautiful and less dangerous, all at once. However, the speed of the game has been maxed out, which sometimes prevents players like Shazier from adjusting their position and properly squaring themselves in time to make a hit.

“It scared the crap out of me,” Olu Osinuga says. “The first place he held was his back. It scared me. I thought it was done.”

Gordie looked at me and said, ‘Well, when you get up there watch my elbows,’ he said with a laugh.The sales tax is applied once the winning bid is accepted and your method of payment is charged.FADE : NOVEMBER 14, RENO, NV.Regardless, Washington’s cap limitations and Shattenkirk’s salary demands likely ensures the blueliner hits the open market on July 1.

I used to be embarrassed telling that part of story, but it’s important for me to get that out to kids because somebody might be the same place, Crawford said., I am not saying this is right, but I am saying it is a definite way of life for a lot of kids.He told me how nice it is, Zeuch says of asking his dad about B.C.,fullName:Jordan Eberle,seasonOutlook:,playerRater30DAY:3,playerRater15DAY:1,positionRank:32}.

The Clippers are definitely beatable especially without there’s no question that this game could go the other way if Utah is able to play more like they did early last week.Evaluators took to Twitter to express their admiration : All told, Doctson unquestionably made headlines, and some money, by coming up huge the area scouts doubted him most.Several current Indians and manager Terry Francona, who piloted the Red Sox for part of Posada’s career, watched from the visiting dugout.

With that backdrop, I attended oral arguments in the hallowed halls of the United States Supreme Court on Monday, sitting in such arguments for the first time in my life. (Yes, surprising for this lawyer and native Washingtonian.) It was certainly a humbling, and awe-inspiring experience.

Arguing for New Jersey was all-star litigator Ted Olson, no stranger to the sports leagues or the NFL, having argued against the league, and for the NFLPA, in cases such as the 2011 lockout.

He threw his first of four no-hitters against the expansion New Mets on 30, and the end pitched to a 14 record with a league leading 2 and 216 strikeouts.The senior receiver broke out 2015, winning the Big Ten Receiver of the Year award while catching 85 passes for 1 yards and seven touchdowns.
It should be adopted at the NFL level some fashion.he wrote back.Reserve injured: Troymaine Pope, running back, Anniston, Jacksonville State.

There’s a kid who puts up numbers named Sango Niang; he’s listed at 6, but I’m more than inch taller than him.Since then, Drouin has already been forced to four games as a result of the injury he sustained on the play.That’s our responsibility to do.

As a senior 2016, the All-Mountain West linebacker was one of three FBS players nationally with 100-plus tackles, 3-plus sacks and at least one interception, fumble recovery and forced fumble.He’s , he just got sore, Memphis coach Fizdale said.Please note, it is at the discretion of the respective vendor or team.bears_041-223x223

A tremendous play in ridiculous conditions by a man who has become a stalwart guard for a team that wants to mash the ball.


LeSean McCoy, running back, Buffalo. In eight inches of snow, with it not stopping for the entire game, McCoy had a career-high 32 rushes for 156 yards. The final 21 came on the last play of the game, a playoff-chance-enhancing touchdown run to give Buffalo a walkoff 13-7 overtime win over Indianapolis. Man, that was fun to watch.

Richie Incognito, left guard, Buffalo. On said final play of the game, the Bills called a power run on third-and-four from the Indianapolis 21-yard-line—though no one could really tell what yard line the ball was on; it was an educated guess through the storm—and Incognito had a double-block responsibility. He had to push 308-pound defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins out of the hole to his left, then step further into the rushing lane to erase linebacker Antonio Morrison. When he did that, McCoy had the clear path.

This means moderating temperatures back closer to normal the 50s.Rozsival returned to the ice last November, and has found himself to be a fixture on the bottom pairing of the blue line.At this point, I do not feel he be a major contributer with this team even the future, simply because I feel he continue to be plagued by concussions.

I think the guys knew their fits, they made their hits and tackling the run game was certainly on point.That was the first game for working as the nickelback place of the injured McCain.Slave days are over.Hard to see how Weaver doesn’t contribute at some point the majors.Most important, the mental part of it.

Earlier in the month, Ottawa’s biggest star, two-time Norris Trophy-winning defenseman Erik Karlsson, stated his want for a market value deal when his contract is after the 2018-19 season, had decided to keep his focus on the ice.

This didn’t just this didn’t just creeping tour I mean yes I’m sure it did.Jonathan Lucroy, 28, isn’t just one of the best catchers the majors, he’s one of the best position players, period.Always with a hug.has led facilitation workshops Europe , USA, Canada, China, Malaysia, South Africa and the Carribean as well as Australia and New Zealand, where she is based.while Rubio is a great playmaker, the limitation his scoring woes provide are not insignificant.On August 13, a preseason game versus the Washington Redskins, Shaw injured multiple ligaments his thumb, requiring surgery.

Playing their fourth game six nights, the Canucks were running on fumes against the Flames and could not muster a third-period comeback after Bouma snapped a 2 tie when he put a one-timer from the slot through Ryan ‘s legs at 1 of the third.But he was a true, old-school ballplayer who did whatever was necessary to win, and never had any regrets.But I’ll tell you right now: he be a Montreal Canadien.As has been the case his career, about a quarter of the balls he hits are flyballs, but 13 percent of those have been home runs this .bears_115-223x223

Spriggs was a four-year starter at left tackle for the Hoosiers and became one of the better blindside protectors college football.


For those who live in the Tri-State area and choose to ride home from work with WFAN sports talk radio host Mike Francesa, you’ll be familiar with the growing sentiment of fans who wanted to start Davis Webb about a month ago. The calls to see Webb were relentless, about one in every five Giants fans hoping to see what they have, insisting that Manning wasn’t performing up to par. While their anger over Manning’s benching came in large part because the Giants instead went to Geno Smith first, their ability to reposition Manning as some kind of untouchable savior has been almost politician-esque in the past few weeks. The backlash felt like people being upset about being upset, with Manning as their avenue to vent. This is not to imply that fans shouldn’t have their say—it reminds me a lot of the resting players argument currently taking place in the NBA—but at what point do we draw the line? If we follow this logic, Derek Jeter would still be starting at shortstop because that’s what makes us all feel comfortable.

There were rumors of fan protests and, as Fox Sports noted, a group of former players who were going to wear Eli Manning jerseys in protest. Really? The Giants are one of the few franchises that regularly spend money in free agency. They’ve won two Super Bowls in the last decade and, unlike some clubs they don’t hang on to their head coach simply because they don’t feel like paying two at once or paying more for a good one. In terms of former player support, I’ve personally seen them train former players for future careers and champion their charitable causes off the field. In the often-callous NFL, you can do worse. Far worse.

State spokesman confirmed Sunday morning that Brown is no longer on the team’s roster.Releasing Rogers save the 49ers $5 million this , though it leave them with about $1 million dead money.

Eight of them were Chinese.He was released February.You hitters hitter’s counts who didn’t center up, which tells you there’s some late movement on the ball.I think he’s going to have a to get on the field very, very quickly for us.Kitchen – 9 x 8 panel radiator, tiled floor, range of eye and low level units, roll top surfaces, sink and drainer, double glazed window to front, integral fridge freezer, dishwasher, integral oven & hob, extractor fan, space for washing machine.

Nobody thought during that winning streak that we would be here, Jakub Voracek said.But that we’re still wondering about the identity of the Chargers kicker is surprising.The Wild netminder has played 32 and has a record.As the New Orleans Saints get ready to make their way to for joint practices and a preseason game with the Texans, New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton has one thing on his mind, and it’s as cliche as it gets: improving from game one to game two and, most importantly, avoiding another four-turnover game like they had against the New England Patriots.

There’s no Thursday NFL game in Week 16, but two games Saturday and two more Monday can firm up the playoff race.


That’s a theme in Week 16: games affecting the playoff picture. All but three — Sunday’s Browns-Bears, Broncos-Redskins and Giants-Cardinals games — have an impact on the playoff picture.

The Ravens (8-6) can take a step closer to claiming a postseason berth Saturday with a win over the Colts (3-11) in Baltimore (4:30 p.m. ET, NFL Network). That game is followed by an NFC North tilt at Lambeau Field between the Vikings and Packers (8:30 p.m. ET, NBC). The Vikings (11-3) have clinched the NFC North and could clinch a first-round bye with a win and a loss by the Panthers (10-4) to the Buccaneers (4-10).

The Packers (7-7) will be without Aaron Rodgers. The MVP quarterback was placed on injured reserve Tuesday, a day after the Packers were eliminated from postseason contention.

Rodgers’ absence could help the Lions get into the playoffs as well. The Lions (8-6) are in the seventh position, needing to beat the Bengals (5-9) and Packers and have the Falcons (9-5) slip up against the Saints (10-4) and Panthers to punch their ticket to the tournament.

While participating childhood athletic activities, Smith developed quick reflexes; he went on to play baseball high school and college, at Los ‘ Locke High School and Cal Poly-San Obispo respectively.With a measured swing, he lofted a fly ball sufficiently deep to center field.I think that baseball rewards exceptional performance whatever area, whether it’s power, hitting for average, great defense, general manager Alderson said.I know he is going to start working out, and he’s going to join the Triple-A club, Yankees manager Girardi told after the team’s 8 win over the Detroit Tigers.

Their poor efforts at home.batting avg.While Lehtonen and Niemi are both under contract through 2017, Heika doubts the tandem remains intact after this .

I and hear some of the expectations that go around, but at the end of the day, expectations are always higher, he said.For winners located the state of Michigan a 6% sales tax be charged.Sabau Getty Images Round 1: 27 p.m.He’s always been around coaching me and teaching me.The returns on that wound up being better than you would have thought and the Texans didn’t have a good enough quarterback to make New England pay.I just knew we needed this game.chargers_031

All signs point to Jon Gruden as next Raiders coach, report says


It’s looking more and more as if the Raiders will rehire Jon Gruden as their head coach, ESPN.com reported Monday, the morning after Jack Del Rio was fired following Oakland’s season-ending 30-10 loss to the Chargers.

ESPN initially reported Saturday that the Raiders were pursuing Gruden, who coached the Raiders from 1998-2001, posting a 38-26 mark. According to the report, the team was offering an ownership stake to entice the former NFL coach and current ESPN broadcaster.

Edwards, 50, is a smart play-caller and is right up there with offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur in having a lot of appeal outside of MInnesota. He’s well respected by Mike Zimmer and well revered by his players. Strangely, he was a head coach in last year’s East-West Shrine Game — opposite Cardinals defensive line coach Brentson Buckner, who will be a hot candidate soon.

Week 11, the Raiders returned home for a game against a struggling defensive New Orleans Saints team.be hard-pressed to match last year’s 94,088 line, but he should produce as a solid TE1.He also said that Masterson return on the show .Sami Vatanen moves puck Predators zone.But fans are seeing it more now.Pappas completed the no-hitter but always maintained that Froemming blew the call.A broken jaw and a concussion led, a roundabout way, to his release.Bogdanovic has simply not taken advantage of the opportunity that was presented to him to become the Nets primary perimeter scorer this .Seven Hokies have been part of multiple Super Bowls ‿, Beasley, Don Strock, Bruce Smith, Antonio , Hebron, and Chancellor.

The Rangers, who began their road trip with a 3-2 shootout loss to the Detroit Red Wings on Friday, improved to 4-0-0 in outdoor games with Monday’s win.

“We also discussed it in the room that we’re not going to enjoy this and look back and (think) it’s a great memory unless you win the game,” said Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist, who has been in net for all four outdoor victories. “I just thought we played pretty good. We had a great start and then a couple of penalties that put us on our heels a little bit.”

His estranged wife has alleged court filings that her husband was diagnosed with moderate to severe dementia days before Rice arranged for him to sign a .Ranked the nation’s No.He’s not sure-but he argues that it’s worth trying, given the alternative: he ceaseless importation of Third World foreigners with no tradition of, taste for, or experience liberty means that the electorate grows more left, more Democratic, less Republican, less republican, and less traditionally American with every cycle.I was telling everybody, I got Priest Holmes’ number.’ I was very fortunate to get this number.Bliss cut her off with the jawbreaker, tags and mocks , but scored with the cutter for the near fall.It sure sounds like the NY Rangers would be a club sniffing around Shattenkirk, especially given his Empire State roots.Novak was one of 20 players waived or released by the team on Saturday.Keep it Clean.

Bengals sign head coach Marvin Lewis to 2-year extension


Palmer finished his career with 46,247 total passing yards, 294 touchdown passes and 187 interceptions. He also finished with a 62.5 completion percentage and an 87.9 passer rating.

“What I’ll never forget are the relationships — not just the amazing teammates and coaches, but all of those countless people at the Bengals, Raiders and Cardinals who work behind the scenes to make this whole thing run.”

Garoppolo has energized the 49ers in recent weeks, winning his first five starts since becoming the starting quarterback Dec. 3.

But now he’s eligibie for free agency, and the 49ers have a tough decision to make — stick him with the franchise tag, which will cost at least $23 million in salary next year, or try to work out a long-term deal.

Lynch told the San Francisco Chronicle he wants to keep Garoppolo for a “long, long time.” He sounds so positive about that plan, he used the phrase “long, long time,” several times.

“We’re going to work hard to try to keep him as a 49er for a long, long time,” Lynch said. “We’re really happy with the way he played. We think he’s got some abilities that are unique. And we want him here.”

And then there is this from Lynch.

I’m just out there being a football player.Because point of fact – any rat-based lab experiment about probability tell you this – you increase your chances of missing when you choose films individually.- Left-hander Adalberto Mejia stands 6-foot-3 pounds, making him hard to overlook as he stakes unlikely claim the battle for the Twins’ No.I didn’t handle it well, Andrews said, adding that Mercilus is probably the quickest player he has seen this .While fans were hoping for some modicum of scoring from RJ Umberger, he has barely been able to alter the scoresheet for the better.He got his juris doctor degree from the University of Minnesota 1978, then played three more NFL seasons.Suter helped gear down his 6-year-old by unlacing ‘ skates and removing the helmet with a No.lions_002